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Chef Prabhjot Singh Johal 


Prabhjot Singh is many things, such as an investor, philanthropist, and more, But he has always been a master chef at heart.  The Chulha brings to life his deep passion for cooking Indian cuisine, with the warmth and hospitality once only experienced in his native Punjab in India .


 Blessed with a wealth of culinary knowledge from his Mother and Grandmother, Chef Prabhjot has carefully crafted The Chulha to preserve the traditions of Indian culinary creations, here in its most authentic form. 

Alongside him is a grand team, every member of which shares his passion for creating and serving the best(and ONLY the best) in Indian cuisine. 


Chef Prabhjot welcomes you and your friends with an open heart to come share and celebrate the Chulha experience. 


Chef Omkar 


 Chef Omkar has a degree in hotel management from India and he has worked in world renowned five star establishments. Over the years his culinary creations have been enjoyed by a long list of celebrities, dignitaries and sports teams . 


At The Chulha, Chef Omkar shares the passion of Chef Prabhjot to serve the best of the best of what Indian cuisine has to offer. With his joyous smile and humility, Chef Omkar is ready to delight your taste buds.

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