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Mother's Day Menu

Call 905 426 5000 to place takeout order


Mulligatawany Soup

National Soup of India made with lentils, veggies, coconut and spices


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Basil chicken tikka 

Chicken marinated with basil and other herbs and cooked in tandoor 

Malai brocoli

Florets of brocoli coated in rich marination and cooked in tandoor

Gilafi seekh kabab

Delicate lamb seekh kebab made of lamb and bellpeppers


Choose any one

Malai kofte

Dumplings of milk solids simmered in rich gravy

Murgh kali mirch

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in cream cashew and black pepper

 Malabari prawn curry

 Prawns cooked with coconut, curryleaf, mustard. 



Garlic naan


Zafrani khoya kheer

Dessert made of rice, milk, milk solids and saffron

$36.99 + Taxes and Gratuity per person

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